Motivational Maps

Motivational Maps is a unique on-line self-perception inventory drawing together research into Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors, & materials from the ancient but modern personality profiling tool, the Enneagram. The result is a diagnostic instrument that works on an individual, team and organisational level to produce an astonishingly accurate account of where the ‘energies & emotions’ are being directed, and how strong they are.

Who Are Motivational Maps Ltd


James Sale

Creative Director


Linda Sale

Managing Director


James Watson

IT Director


Rob Breeds 

Marketing Director

Theory Behind Motivational Mapping

One of the problems of dealing with motivation is that it is ‘invisible’. Each of us has a need, a want, a desire, a drive, an internal energy. This invisible ‘energy’ has three sources within the human psyche: our personality, our self-concept and our expectation. In order to make it visible we need a diagnostic based on a new ‘language’ Maslow’s Hierarchy deals with our Needs Schein’s Career Anchors express our Competence, Motives & Values The Enneagram defines our true personalities From these sources and others deriving from them, James Sale spent 5 years synthesising their ideas to create Motivational Maps. The model he has created precedes, although is extremely close to, contemporary models such as Daniel Pink’s ‘Drive’ (2009); Pink, however, has no diagnostic to establish and use in an organisational setting.


Motivational Map Profiles

Motivational Maps recognises nine drivers of motivation which are as follows:

Website Graphic


A with tie


Searcher Seeks meaning and making a difference

Spirit Freedom and independence

Star Recognition and respect

A with rosette


Creator Innovator and change

Friend Belonging and friendship

Expert Expertise and mastery

A with money


Defender Security and predictability

Director Power and influence

Builder Money and material satisfaction

Motivational Maps vs Personality tests

Motivational Maps differ from personality tests in that they measure drivers at work and in life. Personality tests deal with fixed traits which are stable and non-changing because they are you! Motivational Maps, however, measure deal with states which are dynamic and give a snapshot of where your energy is flowing.

Motivational Maps are significantly cheaper than other tests of personality making them ideal for teams and individuals who have a budget. This also allows regular mapping to be performed to properly assess the true motivational requirements of the individual or team.