Philippa Fairhall – Company Owner

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After the usual education bit, I decided to see the world. Whilst travelling, I found myself doing a variety of jobs, including working on a prawn trawler, the only highlight was swimming with dolphins most mornings. Definitely not the smell!

Throughout my working life, I have continued to keep the Spirit side of my personality happy by trekking around the most amazing places in the world; the Inca Trail in Peru, the Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayan mountain range, the Mont Blanc Circuit, the Appalachian Trail in New England, the Grand Canyon in Arizona and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to name but a few locations.

After returning back to the UK after my initial exploration of the world, I worked at Sky setting up the sales teams.

Then in 1991, I started my career with Walker Books Limited, publisher of children’s books. Initially as ASM for East Anglia. An area considered the ‘graveyard for reps’ due to the large distances between small accounts. However, that phrase did not describe the enthusiasm and expertise of the owners of the independent bookshops. Being Experts, meant having a great depth of knowledge was important to them and made it a pleasure to sell to them. Even if I was driving a 1000 miles a week!

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Over the next 24 years I progressed up the career ladder becoming Business Development Manager and then spending the last 14 years as Key Account Manager.

Needless to say with the change of title, came a different level of responsibility and more influential accounts. I moved from selling to the small independent bookshops to national chains, internet companies, wholesalers and the supermarkets. This range of accounts required a variety of different sales approaches and considerably more tenacity!

Throughout the last couple of decades, I have successfully juggled the company’s (and very often,  authors!) expectations, continually made a profit for the company, balanced unpredictable market requirements, created a multitude of presentations, spoken at national conferences and worked with  buyers, ranging from the most junior to those at Director level. Giving me an excellent intuitive knowledge about people and what makes them tick.


Why Motivational Maps?

As I have always been interested in people, I decided to leave publishing and start up Choose Motivation Business Solutions. I was particularly attracted to Motivational Mapping because through a simple questionnaire, it creates analytical results to help people ascertain their own personal motivating factors. We are all different!

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My mission

Although companies have been using personality profiles, for example Myers Briggs, for years, there hasn’t been anything which concentrates solely on work contentment, until now! Personality doesn’t get you out of bed in the morning, motivation does!


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I genuinely believe using my in depth experience in the business environment dealing with people and the Motivational Mapping tools I can help your company and employees. It is for this reason that I have set up Choose Motivation Business Solutions. Contact me to discuss how and why I think I can make a difference.

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