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“Argh! Can it really be Monday morning already?!”

Did you know the average adult spends 70% of their waking hours working…

Wouldn’t it be better to have staff spending that time doing a job they truly loved in a happy office environment!

“64% of employees leave their boss rather than the job.” Forbes 2014

“Life should be fun, so why shouldn’t working for a company be fun?” Sir Richard Branston.


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Motivation + Skills = Good Performance = Profit

Motivational Maps is a unique profiling tool to help highlight staff dissatisfaction and provide solutions to increase productivity and create a happier, more successful company.

Motivational Maps are suitable for individuals, managers, sales and operational directors, team leaders, HR professionals and coaches in any business environment.

In previous projects, 95% of Map users said their Map accurately described their personal motivators and 97% found the information in their personalised report useful.

There are 9 motivational factors, highlighting the fact that we are not all motivated by the same things. One size definitely does not fit all! Using a simple questionnaire and the corresponding analysis, Motivational Maps will help individuals assess their own areas of satisfaction. It will also highlight parts of their job they feel they are not being fulfilled, plus any possible problems in team dynamics.


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Ever wondered what a Motivational Map report looks like? Well now you can find out. Clicking on the link will provide you with a sample of the 15-page report. this will allow you to see what you get.

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About Choose Motivation

Choose Motivation is a company dedicated to providing providing you and your employees with an accurate and affordable way to determine what motivates you so you can improve the quality of your life. We offer a number of options to improve.

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